Fly Line Care and Maintenance

Posted in 07 September 2015

With a new season coming at the end of the month it may be a good time to check your fly line and give it a good clean. There are those out there who wouldnt have done this for some time.... shun shun....

For those who fish the salt and fished through the winter (brave souls) anytime is always a good time to clean your fly line.

Fly line picks up dirt from just being in the water. Dirt, algae and dust that are dissolved in water will adhere to the outer skin of a fly line. This is why RIO make most of their fly lines hydrophobic (repel water).

There is two parts.

First Part is Cleaning:

Simply put your line in a solution of warm water and a mild soap and wipe the fly line down with a soft cloth. This action is particularly recommended after saltwater fly fishing or when fishing from the edge of a lake or a river. The ground the line is lying on will have plenty of dirt and mud that will be picked up by the wet fly line. Fishing from a boat also creates many problems as the fly line will pick up muck from the bottom of the boat, as well as invariably being stood on.

How to Clean a Fly Line - Part 1 from RIO Products on Vimeo.


Second part of the Cleaning process is Care:

RIO's AgentX Fly Line Dressing has been specially formulated for this, and is highly recommended for all modern fly lines. Follow the directions on the back of the bottle for best application.

Agent X

Use Agent X with a cleaning cloth. Again RIO have thought of that also, enter the Wonder Cloth.

Wonder Cloth


A great product is the Wonder Cloth. These easy to use pads have the necessary micro-abrasive surface. Just fold the pad around the fly line and pull the line through a couple of times. Sometimes it can help to moisten the pad. Each time the line is pulled through the pad a layer of pore-deep dirt will be stripped off. Continue to do this until the cloth remains clean after stripping the line through. One advantage of RIO's Wonder Cloth is that it can be thrown in the laundry with your whites and washed completely clean and reused again and again. After using the Wonder Cloth apply a light coating of AgentX Line Dressing to keep your fly line in tip top condition.

How to Clean a Fly Line - Part 2 from RIO Products on Vimeo.

There you have it. Fish on people!