Matt Jones from Complete Angler talks about RIO Powerflex PLUS leaders

Posted in 07 June 2016

Tapered leaders are an amazing gift from the fly fishing gods that can do a few interesting things, like transfer energy from your fly line to fly and save you time if you dislike living in the 90’s and tying your own up. 

Okay. So, RIO’s newest leaders have an even more incredible thing going on with tensile strengths of up to 20% more than regular leaders. How? Rio tweaked a technical modification of the nylon copolymer formulation. I have no idea what that means but I do know it has resulted in a prodigious strength increase, without compromising the knot strength or suppleness. Simply put, these are the strongest, most reliable trout leaders that I’ve ever used, boasting a 9.5lb 3x with a 0.008in/0.203mm diameter at the business end. I played around with them towards of the end of the summer season on the South Island of New Zealand and found them to be immensely versatile. The added strength gave me confidence when throwing large streamers and heavy nymphs, whilst the fine diameter let me fish small dries on glassy water. I could do it all, and with a lot less effort than I could with a regular leader by using 9lb 3x. If I wanted to up my tippet strength I could, if I wanted to add a meter of 6x I could.

They come in a two pack that retails for $19.99NZD, the same price as regular leaders, so why wouldn’t you?

Matt Jones - Complete Angler, Christchurch.