New RIO Euro Nymphing Line

Posted in 14 February 2014

We now have the new Euro Nymphing line from RIO in stock, and it will be available in your nearest tackle store shortly.
Here's the full story behind this line:

Ultimate European Nymphing Fly Line
by RIO Products

Is there a perfect fly line for fishing the European Methods? 

There are a ton of great fly lines on the market today but none of these offerings really cater to the specific styles of European Nymphing.  The do work but why not have the "Ultimate" set-up?

Most anglers have had great success with traditional Weight Forward and Double Taper lines but both of these lines have a downfall.  They want to sag in the guides and droop out of the rod tip due to their design which creates slack in the fly line/leader system decreasing the overall sensitivity.  How many times have you felt a strike, set the hook only to find out you hooked the fish in the top of the head or fin?  This happens because of slack and who knows how many more fish we miss because of this issue. 

In the Fall of 2012, Steve Parrott, Co-Owner of the Blue Quill Angler and producer of "Czech Nymphing 101 & Related European Methods" as well as "Czech Nymphing Masterclass : On-Stream Tactics for Success" sat down with John Harder - R&D Engineer for RIO Products to begin development of a fly line that will cover all of the European Nymphing Methods.  This line had to be able to fish at Close Range (Czech Nymphing), Long Range - Up and Across (Spanish Nymping) and Long Range - Directly Upstream (French Nymphing).  

The goal was to develop a fly line that acted like a leader yet casts like a fly line. The line also had to stay nice and straight in the rod guides to prevent slack from forming and would hang out of the rod tip at the angle the leader was entering the water for a true "positive" contact system.  

The line is a modified double taper with a .020'' tip section tapering up to a .025'' mid section and then back to .020'' on the other end.  The coating is supple with a slightly rough finish to aid in handling the thin line with wet hands.  Both ends of the line have a 5" Hi-Vis Orange section which will allow you to track the tip of the line at distance or reference where it is in the rod guides. On one end, there is the smallest welded loop we have ever seen which allows you to loop-to-loop or tie your leader to the line.  The other end is left open for those anglers who want to splice their leaders into the fly line for a super smooth connection. 

The most impressive feature of this fly line is the incorporation of a low stretch core (6 to 8%) which will telegraph even the subtlest of strikes while also keeping the line nice and straight.

We tested this line on the Sage ESN, Grey's Streamflex, Echo Shadow PE and the Cabela's CZ rods in a 2 through 4 weight.  The line performed beautifully on all line weights as the weight of the flies combined with the supple tips of these Euro specific rods is what cast the line not the weight of the fly line loading the rod found in traditional casting.

Ultimate European Nymphing Fly Line Specs:

  • Length - 80'
  • Taper - Modified Double Taper
  • Core - Low Stretch 12lb braid
  • Color - Dark Sage with 5" Hi-Vis Orange tips
  • Micro Loop on one and and open on the other

If you love fishing the European Nymphing Methods, this fly line is for you.  It is not you "universal" fly line that will do it all, it was designed for your dedicated Euro rod.