Field report on Redington Hydrogen Czech nymphing rod

Posted in 06 May 2016

By NZ Fly Fishing Youth Team member Geoffrey Berntsen

Report on Redington Hydrogen 10 foot 4 weight

What a beauty this rod is! I had the pleasure of trying out both the 10 foot #3 and #4 recently, and greatly enjoyed fishing with both of them. Compromising of a medium-fast action it suits most fishing types whether that be beginner or experienced. I find the faster action is often necessary to cast light flies using a euro-style method and the Hydrogen performs this time and time again with accuracy. However, the tip is softer which makes it easier to land small fish as it gives a better bend and hence better contact when they start jumping. I mainly fish using euro-style methods, especially when targeting rivers which hold fish in fast water or deep pools, and a light rod is key to minimise fatigue. God knows how many fish I’ve lost due to a lack of concentration once this fatigue kicks in.
It is marketed as “the lightest rod in its class.” This is achieved by having a strong yet thin blank construction and also the use of single foot guides which are lighter and therefore the rod has less ‘bounce back’ as I call it. By this I mean how the rod recovers after casting and for me this is paramount for a good rod. The hydrogen has exceptional rod recovery and very little wobble after casting. Although this is not a problem for normal casters, it does make a difference when trying to maintain short, accurate casts. Coupled with a matte black finish it makes it stealthy enough for even the smartest brownies out there. Having a lifetime warranty really seals the deal for me, if you’re going to invest in some top quality gear why would you not want the best warranty you can get?
If you have the chance to get one in the hand, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Although I tried the 10 foot models I believe the 9 foot #6 version would be a great rod for all round use. Even the 4 weight had plenty of stopping power and landing fish was never a problem and the 6 weight should make it even easier.