Sage Bolt vs. winter Kahawai

Posted in 25 August 2015

There is something nice and slow about a still winter morning. I swear the water is a different colour; lovely emerald green.

Strolled down the beach this morning after seeing some sign when I took the dog for her morning jaunt yesterday. Waders are required. The water although beautiful, is like ice. The bonus for me is that the kahawai are moving in sync with the world at this time of the year so spotting them and getting a nice cast is all shot in slow mo. I had a new Sage Bolt 790-4 in hand. I love my TCX and this I have been told is very similar. Generation 5 tech, ultra-fast action. Another favourite feature of mine is the hook keeper in the reel seat and one in front of the cork handle. I even like the "Salmonfly" shaft colour with orange thread wraps with Black trim wraps. The saltwater model I had in hand featured a “Stealth Black” anodized reel seat and fighting butt. It’s a fully saltwater safe anodized aluminium reel seat.

It was only 20 minutes before I spotted a disturbance on the glassy surface of the water moving slowly against the current. I moved off the shoreline 30 odd yards so I could see clearly into the water when I looked back at the shoreline, sun at my back. Another bit of movement and I picked up the dark “tiger stripes” and black spots of Mr Trutta moving along the beach. One shot out in front and waited until I knew his keen eye wouldn’t miss the movement of my fly. Within range now and I start the winter “trutta flutter”’ “twitch twitch twitch” on the fly, making sure it was never still in the water but moving ever so slowly. He moves in, mouth open and turns away. I simply make a steady continuous strip and everything is solid, he is on. I see him dash from the bay, fly in corner of his mouth heading for some rocks. Thankfully this rod has that grunt of my TCX and I turn him. After a few more runs breakfast is served and I head home. I do love winter kahawai.

Do I like the Bolt? Hell yes although one session is not enough of course. First impressions are defiantly excellent and it certainly can reach long distances quicklys.. Will it replace my TCX 790-4? I think it just might.

To find out more about the Bolt series click the link.