The NEW RIO Cranky

Posted in 31 August 2015

If you're like me you have more fly lines than reels. They're like shoes right? Fishing conditions can change in NZ from hour to hour, day in day out. I'm often changing my gear up when the conditions are like that.

Well now there is an easy, conveniant way to switch out fly lines whilst on the water or in the camp at night.

RIO's Cranky Kit.

It's a quick, convenient fly line spooling/storage station that includes one RIO Cranky (featuring ergonomically shaped handles for a smooth, comfortable operation) and a RIO fly line spool. Simply wind the line off the reel through the rod on to the fly line spool that is provided, unloop the line from the backing, then loop the new line to the backing and wind the new lone on to the reel. With this technique anglers will not need to restring the rod. In addition, with a few extra fly line spools, anglers can build a convenient fly line storage system and library.

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