Tore heads to the salt armed with a Salt and finds Kings!

Posted in 13 January 2016

Running Flytackle NZ is a full time job. This week however the tides, stars and moons aligned as they do every now and then which meant there was only one place to be. Walking the beach looking for yellowtail kingfish cruising in the shallows. This is one style of fishing that takes time. Fly flingers who stalk kings on the flats are not doing it for the numbers and if you’ve ever caught a king in ankle deep water, you’ll know exactly why they do it!!

Tore armed himself with a Sage Salt 10wt and with a 6010 reel hanging at the line end was ready to spend some time shore side.

To wrap it up for the 2nd time running he scored. Releasing a couple of beach combing hoodlums back to the briny.

You gotta love fully sealed drags for this type of fishing and with rocks around the 10wt is nice reserve to have in the fight.

Only kings will make you smile like this!!