Improve your casting - made easy.

Posted in 21 March 2017

No golfer who wants the best out of their game will head to the club for 18 holes without practicing. This is why there are golf ranges, so golfers can practice their swing. Without the swing, they may as well use a tennis racket to hit the ball. 

Same principle applies with fly fishing. The most important aspect is the casting. Without a good cast you may as well not tie a fly on. So it makes sense to practice also. in fact it is almost essential to practice. 

Thankfully you don't need a range. A driveway or park will do.

Two products that will help you are the Redington Form/Game rod and Umpqua practice leaders.

The Redington Form/Game rod comes with intructions on how to cast so it is great for people wanting to learn to fly fish as well and those who want to improve their casting. The Form Game Rod offers beginners and veteran fly casters alike, the chance to tighten and tune their casting and improve form. The practice rod comes with its own custom tapered RIO® fly line, appropriately weighted to the rod for a more accurate experience.

Here is a good video explaining the Redington Form rod with examples from Peter Morse.


Using your own rod is also a good way to improve. For that you can get hold of an Umpquua practice leader. This fluorescent orange leader is perfect for shop demo rigs and casting classes. It is ideal for fishermen wanting to visually see their practice casts whether on water or grass. Curve casts, reach casts, s-curves - now you can really see them and perfect them.

So there you have it. Dont store your gear away when the season ends or when fishing is quiet, get out there and practice.