Redington Prowler Boots. A closeup from Sage Pro NZ guide Anton Donaldson

Posted in 19 September 2017

Redington Prowler wading Boots.

A closeup from Sage Pro NZ guide Anton Donaldson of NZ Trout Adventures

There is a lot of things you can go without when walking a river with fly rod in hand. You could likely do it naked, which may even be common place in places like Scandinavia. One thing every serious fly angler wants to be in the water however, is sure footed.

You can't go without a solid pair of wading boots. Last season I guided 135 days. Averaging 5-8km a day. That is a good way to test a boot. Below is what I discovered about this new top end boot from Redington, the Prowler.


Durability When I first looked at the Prowler one thing I thought straight out of the box was how solid and durable they look. Molded rubber overlays are situated in high-wear areas for added durability, and the heavy-duty non-corrosive hardware gives me the impression these boots will last.

Comfort A cross between slippers and your best pair of hiking boots? I loved the Prowler’s immediate comfort and support with the soft ankle padding. A big plus for many kiwi's will be the width, there is ample at the base and toe box. The Prowler "walks" like a hiking boot, and is a good fit for a variety of terrain. It was only midday on my first days guiding and I felt like my boots had been broken in.


Stability The Prowler has many features which add to its stability on the river: a wide sole-expanded surface, with extra girth along the outer edges, and a wide toe-box help to create a stable base. As well, the Prowler has exceptional ankle support, critical when confronting a loose rock, and a potential ankle roll.

Modern Aesthetic The Prowler looks stealthy with this river rock colour and has the modern aesthetic of a hiking boot. Conclusion When you’re on the hunt for fish, and spending long days on the river, you’ll need a pair of boots that are comfortable, and provide excellent traction and support while wading through rivers. An excellent choice is a pair of Redington’s Prowlers, for their stability, comfort and durability.

  • Redington’s Prowler Boot Sticky Rubber and Stud Compatible.
  • Molded rubber overlays for durability
  • Molded Polyurethane midsole, strong yet lightweight
  • Wide sole-expanded surface sole for stability
  • Padded collar for ankle support
  • Mesh lined interior and drain holes for quick drainage
  • Molded, non-corrosive metal hardware
  • Available in both sticky walnut rubber and felt sole options
  • Stud compatible