RIO DirectCore Flats Pro - The Best Flats Line.

Posted in 01 August 2017

RIO DirectCore Flats Pro - The Best Flats Line.

We cast this line at Bainbrdige Island a couple of months back and loved it. At the recent industry awards show, the DirectCore Flats Pro line won “Best New Fly Line for 2018” at the European trade show EFTTEX, “Best New Saltwater Fly Line for 2018” at the US trade show IFTD, and “Best New Fly Line” at the Australian Fishing Trade Show.

We noted that the line is in the "Tropical Series" so that equates to operating in around 19degC upwards apparently. When I asked Simon Gawesworth from Rio Products how this would perform in colder winter waters in places like New Zealand he stated any slight coiling that may occur due to the line operating in cooler conditions can be remedied by stretching the line in the hands with about 1kg of force. This is due to the fact that it has a mono core. 

We had to test it here in New Zealand. To make it an even better test, we did it in winter. The water temp is around 12-14degC now, time to put the thermal undies on. 

We spooled up the 8wt Stealth Tip version on a reel and latched it to a new SaltHD 890-4. The Stealth Tip has a 6ft clear section at the tip. This will be a big advantage when casting at cruising fish. It will allow the angler to have a shorter leader which will make turning over larger flies a ton easier. Something that is crucial when shots are limited and you need to make them all count. Each line has an Easy ID feature at the tip which lets you see exactly what line you have spooled.

Easy line ID. Another winning feature from RIO.


We headed to a nice spot and it wasnt long before we spotted a couple of Kahawai (Australian Salmon) popping baitfish off the surface. All was set. 

Water temp = cold.

Rod = SaltHD 8wt.

This was the WF8F/I Flats Pro Stealth Tip in action.


The bottom line is we had no issues with the line coiling in the cold water after a few hours of wading. It did feel a little stiffer but that is pretty normal. The reality is most serious flats fishing in New Zealand, particularly for kingfish is in water around 18-24deg C during summer and into autumn. So this is perfect. We've heard of this line being used in 40deg C heat and sitting on the deck of a boat with no problems. It only takes a few seconds to strectch the line out as Simon displays in the video below should it start to get a "memory" after prolonged use in cold conditions. We didnt encounter that after using the line however. 

This is the perfect flats line. Lays out dead straight on the water, turns over flies with ease, is super slick and shoots through the guides like a laser. One of the standout features is that it floats very high on the water so it is very easy to pick up a 65ft cast and lay it down if your target is moving. Even the 6ft intermediate tip is easy to pick up. 

A first look review of the new award winning Rio Direct Core Flats Pro fly line with Simon Gawesworth from Rio Products at the International Fly Tackle Dealer show 2017

The DirectCore Flats Pro line is available in WF6F to WF12F in an easy to see Aqua/Orange/Sand color or a subtle Gray/Sand/Kelp option. The DirectCore Flats Pro StealthTip line is available in WF8F/I to WF12F/I.

The DirectCore Flats Pro line is available in floating models and a StealthTip option that features a full-float head with six feet of clear intermediate at the tip. This nearly invisible front section allows for shorter leaders and easier, more accurate casts, while the increased density provides greater wind penetration. Each line is built with a front taper that loads easily at close range, and with a mid-length head and extended back taper that provides stability for fast, accurate long-distance casts.