RIO AVID TROUT - No other line like it in New Zealand.

Posted in 13 January 2017

The flyline made for New Zealand

We've recently restocked on RIO's Avid Trout line made in a New Zealand camo colour for New Zealand conditions. We believe it is the best value floating line sold in New Zealand and so must a lot of kiwi anglers because we sell plenty of it.

 The Guts: The lines are designed for easy casting performance, with slightly heavier and shorter head lengths. This makes it a great performer for casting heavy double tungsten bead nymphs, big cicada flies and when the wind gets up, you'll still be able to get your fly to that spot.

Has a similar taper to the RIO Grand which is another top seller and popular line. The only difference is that Grand is a little larger in diameter (and therefore a little heavier). 

If you want an above average line at below average price, the Avid Trout should be on your reel next time you head out.